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The Hog's Apothecary

Happy Autumn!

Come on in and watch the A’s clinch a playoff spot! Look better than John in a Rickey Henderson jersey and get $1 off your beer!

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Grilled local octopi with local English pea and fennel salad, potato purée, chernoula, pimentón aioli. ...

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Have you ever heard the monetary term shilling used in reference to beer? Prior to World War II, ales in Scotland were commonly referred to by the price a pub would pay for a large quantity. Commonly ranging from 60/- to 90/-, these numbers were considered a measure of both the quality and alcohol content of the beer. So, a 90/- ale would typically be a beverage of high quality and strength. However, the vessel being purchased also frequently played into its numerical valuation causing some unnecessary confusion given the variant sizes of barrels and casks. So a lower ABV ale purchased in large quantity could be assigned a higher number.

Luckily for all of us, this flawed system was largely retired. These days, the shilling system is still used occasionally, generally in reference to the booziness of the drink. Similar beers may be described as Mild, Heavy, Export and Wee Heavy.

Our friends at Iron Springs Pub & Brewery​ and HenHouse Brewing Company Brewing Company​ got together with some Admiral Maltings grain and the idea of making a beer to pair with a game of cribbage. Thus, NOBS was born. This 80/- Scotch Ale drinks like a classic pub ale with just the right amount of caramel character. So, grab your cribbage board, meet up with your favorite pone, grab a pint and get ready to skunk em!

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