About The Hog’s Apothecary

New American Beer Hall

Sandwiched between Temescal and Piedmont in what was once called the Jewel Box, Hog’s Apothecary is a New American Beer Hall brought to you by John Streit. Our menu features a regular selection of entirely house-butchered porcine delights and farm-direct produce that ideally complement our unique and meticulously curated West Coast draft selection.

We take great pride in using the bounty and beasts of farmers and brewers who employ only the highest standards of sustainability.

The Owner

John Streit
Owner/Executive Chef

John Streit created the Hog’s Apothecary as a culmination of his nearly two decades of restaurant experience.

After waiting tables through college at both Jeremiah Tower’s Stars and Judy Rodgers’ Zuni Cafe, John took a post-graduate job in advertising, but found that life unfulfilling. Reflecting on his time at Zuni and the huge inspiration from Chef Judy, he returned to the restaurant world, focusing his attentions on the kitchen.

In 2003, he took his first Executive Chef position at Blair’s Restaurant in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. Returning to the Bay Area in 2005, John held positions at Delfina, Delfina Pizzeria, Foreign Cinema, and Pizzaiolo.

In September 2013, John opened the doors of his first venture, the Hog’s Apothecary, after spending nearly a year converting a run-down laundromat in his neighborhood of ten years into a fully-restored New American beer hall. The space’s design was modeled after the many community-based beer halls John visited in Germany, and his menu features seasonal, farm-to-table fare that changes daily. John’s cooking has been praised in Oakland Magazine; East Bay Express; The San Francisco Chronicle; and San Francisco Magazine.

The Beer, Brewery Direct From…

Everywhere in California!

The Food, Farm Direct From…

Blossom Bluff Orchards, Blue Heron Farms, Devil’s Gulch RanchDirty Girl Produce, Full Belly Farm, Happy Boy Farms, Kashiwase Farm, Knoll Farms, River Dog Farm, Smit Farms, Sonoma County Poultry and Liberty DucksStar Route Farms, Starter Bakery

The Location


375 40th Street (at Opal)
Oakland, CA 94609

Join us!

Call for reservations at (510) 338-3847.


The Hog accepts cash as well as Visa Mastercard, and American Express.